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HPY scotch yoke pneumatic actuators are fit for turn-off or metering control of 90° valves (such as ball valves, butterfly valves and plug valves).
HPY scotch yoke actuators adopt modular design, including cylinder module, center body module and spring cartridge module.Modular components are replaceable and storable, which can meet the short supply cycle.
The all weather protection center body and yoke are made of ductile iron or cast steel. The yoke pin is made of alloy steel with excellent mechanical performance, and the adjustment bolts and fastening bolts of flange on both sides of the center body are of class 12.9 to ensure sufficient strength.
The inner wall of cylinder and the surface of piston rod are honed and plated with hard chromium,combined with the dynamic sealing design of star ring, the sealing performance is greatly improved.
Each of the HPY series actuators can provide long and efficient work without maintenance.

Working pressure: 3-10 bar
Torque Range:
Double Acting: 200 ~ 256,893Nm
Spring Return: 150 ~ 153,312Nm
Working Temperature:
-20°- +80°(standard);-40°- +80°(low);-15°- +150°(high)

Two kinds of yoke mechanism

Standardized Interface

Stroke range and it's adjusting

Flexible Modular Design